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HSI: Refractory Specialists

HSI’s refractory installation division is a world-class operation managed by experts specializing in this process-critical field. These refractory specialists follow rigid guidelines and execute manufacturing plans with the highest level of technical expertise to meet every customer specification.

From our staff of ceramic engineers to our installation craftsmen, HSI’s refractory specialist team is committed to maintaining industry leadership in technology, performance, quality and on-time delivery. At HSI, refractory isn’t a “next-step” operation to be subcontracted to a disinterested, local, third-party of specialists, but rather is at the core of what we do.

Specializing in Refractory Cast Vibrating

Our casting facility was custom-designed to provide reliable continuous placement in a climate-controlled environment. Our specialized understanding of the importance of batch control, temperature control and material flow control is the basis of our quality refractory casting system design and process layout.

Our highly trained craftsmen use state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to manage complex vibration casting applications. From special temperature-controlled material storage to careful weighing of each batch of material to a climate-controlled casting pit, HSI controls all critical variables when vibration casting refractory materials. Additionally, HSI now maintains indoor casting facilities. This not only enhances quality by controlling placement and curing temperatures, but ensures that your project schedule is not vulnerable to weather delays.

Refractory Pneumatic Gunning Specialists

Our gunning process is managed by experienced personnel who use the best equipment and the best procedures. Careful integration of gunning installation with other refractory activities and fabrication steps allow HSI specialists to optimize quality and assure on-time performance for our customers.

Ceramic Fiber

Refractory ceramic fiber can be an excellent option for applications that would benefit from either lightweight or high-heat insulation. Additionally, ceramic fiber offers high chemical resistance. If you are unsure if this application is right for your project, contact our refractory specialists and let us provide you with the best possible service.

Refractory Ramming

Modern erosion-resistant refractory products require careful attention to achieve desired properties and an acceptable installation. HSI refractory specialists have vast experience ramming all modern erosion-resistant refractory mixes, and our crews are familiar with custom anchors and anchor layouts. Our engineers, designers, installers, inspectors and project managers are used to working with an applicable engineering company, oil company and API RP 936 standards.