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Specialized FCC Projects

HSI is an industry leader in single-source manufacturing of refractory lined vessels. Through the use of our port assembly operation, we became one of the first to pioneer the Maximum Shop Assembly (MSA) technique. Using this method, we can ship completed vessels ready for installation.

Port Assembly Operation

HSI’s assembly operation is located at the Port of Catoosa on the Kerr McClellan waterway with access to the Mississippi River. Our 10-acre port site is located 12 miles east of our main plant in Tulsa with a specially designated transportation corridor connecting the two.
HSI’s port assembly operation was designed to assemble vessels to the maximum size that can be handled by our customers at their job sites. By moving assembly operations from our clients’ plant turnaround locations to our assembly yard, we offer substantial project savings through reduced man hours in the field, relief of overcrowded job sites and improved schedule reliability.

Explore the Specialized Projects Made Available Through Port Assembly Operation

Our FCC projects are produced according to customer specifications. Customized products can be manufactured with an assortment of materials, including everything from carbon steel to high-alloy and duplex materials. Some of the projects shown here have even been constructed using Inconel and Hastelloy materials.

Our Port Assembly Operation Produces Superior Results

From our engineers to our welders, everyone in the HSI workforce has the field-tested knowledge necessary to deliver superior products. As a company dedicated to quality assurance, we are fully compliant with ASME standards and maintain the ASME “U” stamp. The results of our efforts speak for themselves—just take a look at our superior FCC projects!

Discover Our Range of Port Assembly Operation Project Sizes

One of our competitive advantages is our ability to build and ship some of the largest completed vessels through the use of port facilities. As you can see, our construction capabilities cover projects of all sizes, and generally are only limited to what our clients are able to receive at their site.