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Fired Heater Unit Projects

Fired heater units have been our specialty since we were founded, and they continue to be a primary service offering. Today, we maintain our reputation as the premier fired heater unit manufacturer. As with all our vessels, we handle the entire process in-house, with no subcontractors.

Quality in Fired Heater Unit Manufacturing

Our engineers, welders and fired heater unit managers have decades of combined experience that results in excellent products. Our core group of craftsmen, in particular, have worked together for over twenty years, which has produced both expansive field-tested industry knowledge and a collaborative work environment that operates seamlessly to manufacture superior fired heater unit projects. Additionally, we are fully compliant with ASME standards and maintain the ASME “U” stamp, assuring our customers that our vessels are products they can depend upon. Don’t take our word for it—check out the many examples of our previous fired heater unit projects!

Fired Heater Units Tailor-Made to Meet Your Needs

Our fired heater units can be custom built to accommodate your specific material and sizing needs. HSI maintains a large assortment of materials in our inventory, including everything from carbon steel, high alloy and duplex materials. Some of the projects shown here have even been constructed using Inconel and Hastelloy materials. Our fired heater manufacturing services are particularly notable in the industry, as we are capable of producing units with dimensions of up to 30ft x 100ft!

Turnkey Fired Heater Unit Capabilities

Our turnkey fired heater capabilities can significantly reduce field manpower, erection time and total project cost. Beyond our individual capabilities, HSI regularly partners with our sister company, Mohawk Field Services, Inc., to extend additional field erection services for fired heater units and related equipment. Mohawk Field Services has installed over 300 fired heater units and specializes in repair and modification services of process heaters, boilers and most other related equipment. As our sister company, this is a service provider that we have complete confidence in. Rather than outsourcing, our collaboration is an extension of the outstanding service our customers have already come to expect from HSI.