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FCCU Equipment

HSI has a long history in manufacturing FCCU, or Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit, equipment. By converting the hydrocarbon fractions of crude petroleum oils into products such as gasoline and olefinic gases, this equipment proves to be a valuable asset in the energy industry.

FCCU Equipment Parts

HSI provides components for every FCCU equipment need. We regularly supply reactor and regenerator heads and shells, air grids, plenums, flue gas lines, catalyst standpipes, external and internal risers, cyclones and plenums, and a wide variety of FCCU parts and accessories.

Completely Assembled FCCU Equipment

Beyond equipment parts, HSI can manufacture complete assemblies. When refinery access allows, HSI can provide completely assembled reactor and regenerator vessels, refractory lined, with internals and coatings, as a single piece shipment.

On-Time Delivery of FCCU Equipment

Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) equipment has become one of HSI’s specialties, and our long-proven ability to handle this very complex and high-quality sector of the market clearly demonstrates that our operation performs at the highest level of fabrication quality and on-time delivery. At HSI, we understand that your time is incredibly valuable, so we pride ourselves on our ability to meet tight deadlines for FCCU equipment that our competitors cannot.

FCCU Equipment As Large as You Need

When you require FCCU equipment large enough to serve your high-quantity production needs, it can be challenging to find a manufacturer with adequate facilities to produce what you need. That is not the case with HSI. We have prioritized building sufficient facilities for products of any size because we are a company committed to meeting every customer’s needs.

Unique technology for FCCU Equipment Manufacturing

Every industry HSI serves benefits from our dedication to innovation. This forward-thinking mindset is applied to our FCCU equipment manufacturing capabilities. We invest in trail-blazing technologies to continually improve our customers’ experiences working with our company. Our adaptable nature is part of the reason HSI is an industry-leading manufacturer. Our company is always looking to improve our FCCU equipment manufacturing process from reducing costs to improving delivery times.