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Custom Steel Fabrication

HSI: A World-Class One-Stop Custom Fabrication Company

HSI has long been the “go-to” provider for custom steel fabrication. HSI performs all disciplines of work in-house with HSI staff, including engineering, detail design drawings, steel fabrication, coil fabrication and refractory and coatings. The core group of our managers and craftsmen have worked together for over 20 years. They consistently deliver top-quality equipment for the most demanding projects that engineering companies and end-users can develop—not only that, but they do it on schedule! HSI’s workforce stands ready to deliver your project with the same focus.

Custom Steel Fabrication Options

As a company known for providing top-quality custom steel fabrications, HSI further serves customers by providing a well-rounded assortment of steel size and shape options. No matter your order, HSI is equipped to build it, having the unique capability of manufacturing large equipment.

Coil Fabrication

HSI is thoroughly experienced in producing coil fabrications in addition to our general custom-steel fabrications. Our expert staff works with you to create designs for highly efficient coil products. Our fabrications pay for themselves in no time, saving you manufacturing costs as well as energy costs with our game-changing innovations.

HSI Fabrication Offers Endless Possibilities!

FCCU Equipment

HSI fabricates completely assembled reactor and regenerator vessels as single-piece shipments.

Vessels & Towers

HSI has core Fabrication capabilities including heavy-walled vessels and towers, either lined or unlined.

Fired Heaters

HSI was founded as a fabricator of direct-fired heaters and furnaces; we have the experience and capacity to supply all components.

Custom Steel Fabrication Facilities

Between our main facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and our nearby Port facility, we are able to build and ship fully assembled vessels using our Maximum Shop Assembly (MSA) process. With this combination of capable facilities and our years of custom-steel manufacturing experience, we can fabricate vessels of any size.

Reliable Transportation for Your Custom Steel Fabrications

When using our MSA process to deliver fully assembled vessels, we have achieved considerable project savings by cutting the need for man-hours in the field, alleviating overcrowded job sites and making delivery schedules more reliable.

If delivering fully assembled vessels isn’t practical for a project or job site, we can create a transportation and delivery method that is more suitable to the project’s parameters.