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Industrial Coating Services

Industrial External Coatings

Industrial external coatings are critical to the long-term performance of process equipment. With our expertise, we can confidently assure our customers that our external coatings properly guard against corrosion during industrial use, effectively extending the life of your equipment. By minimizing the repairs and replacement parts needed to keep equipment running, HSI’s industrial coatings save our customers both time and money.

Work Alongside Our Industrial External Coating Experts

HSI has a specialized group of craftsmen on staff dedicated solely to the application of industrial external coatings and an experienced group of production management, project management and quality control personnel supporting that group.

Industrial External Coating to Your Specifications

Customer specifications are carefully interpreted and converted to detailed work instructions via customized shop coating procedures developed by project coating specialists. Integration of customer specifications and SSPC good practices with HSI’s daily work instructions is our key to providing effective coating technologies. HSI’s skilled craftsmen perform to the highest industrial coating technology standards, from custom, high-temperature resistant systems to simple shop primer coats.

Internal Coatings

Beyond industrial external coatings, highly skilled, full-time HSI employees perform the application of internal coatings. Our coatings craftsmen are trained applicators operating under the close supervision of experienced production managers. Project management activities are closely tied to plant operations to ensure compliance with customer specifications and SSPC coating practices.

Internal coating systems are a core technology at HSI, and we recognize the critical importance of these protective linings to overall equipment reliability.

Our High Standards for Internal & External Industrial Coatings

All of our work is conducted in strict compliance with customer specifications. HSI is further committed to providing the highest standards of industrial coatings in the industry and does so by becoming certified according to the standards of SSPC and NACE. Aiding our efforts towards the highest quality internal and external industrial coatings, HSI maintains indoor climate-controlled painting facilities. These facilities are used during inclement weather to control the application environment and prevent scheduling delays.

HSI quality assurance personnel, procedures, and controls are an integral part of the manufacturing process. At HSI, we build quality into every product and service including our internal and external industrial coating services.