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HSI Facilities

HSI: A World-Class One-Stop Custom Fabrication Company

The quality of any manufacturer is reflected in the facilities they operate within, which is why Heater Specialists, LLC is dedicated to maintaining strategic and innovative work spaces. HSI has large, specially designed work spaces capable of producing very large equipment in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

HSI Facilities at Tulsa, OK

HSI’s corporate headquarters and main manufacturing facility are located in Tulsa, OK just two miles west of Tulsa International Airport. At this location we have over 332,000 sq. ft. of indoor manufacturing space and 80 acres of outdoor assembly area.

Mazie, Oklahoma

Our Mazie facility is located 30 miles east of Tulsa, OK. This facility has over 10,000 sq. ft. under roof and 10 acres of stabilized land for outside assembly and manufacturing. This plant is conveniently located adjacent to a railroad spur and major trucking routes.

HSI Facilities Tulsa Port of Catoosa

Our ten-acre facility at Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa has a concrete level bed for large equipment assembly. It has direct access to the roll-on/roll-off dock on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. The McClellan-Kerr Canal is part of the U.S. Inland Waterway System. From the Port of Catoosa, HSI can ship to the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, the IntraCoastal Waterway System, the Gulf of Mexico and all over the world. To learn more about Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa and the McClellan-Kerr Waterway, go to

Vessels and Towers

HSI fabrication capabilities include heavy-walled vessels and towers. From our state-of-the-art Tulsa works, HSI offers refractory lined and unlined vessels and components for gasification, refining, petrochemical processing, mid-stream oil and gas production and a wide variety of industries requiring ASME Pressure Vessels.