Heater Specialists Tulsa, OK

HSI is a fully integrated single source manufacturer of refractory lined vessels and equipment for the oil refining, chemical process, power generation, and incineration industries. By combining ASME Code Section I & VIII (Div 1 & 2) fabrication with shop refractory and coating installation. Heater Specialists, LLC., is a "one-stop shop" for refractory-lined process vessels, FCCU transfer lines, FCCU risers, syn-gas transfer lines for reformers, fired heaters, ethylene furnaces, and their associated components. 

Our organization gives you excellent control of your project.  With fabrication, refractory installation, and painting activities are combined at a single location, schedules can easily be compressed which aids in eliminating delays that would otherwise result from the coordination of several sub-contractors. For quick turnaround projects, HSI can allocate the necessary man-hours to accelerate completion A single contact, our Project Manager is responsible for the entire project.

HSI can ship competitively to locations all over the world using barge/ocean freight.  Shipments originate at the Port of Catoosa, Ok., to the Mississippi and beyond via inland waterways or ocean transport.