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Assembly for Shipping
HSI’s assembly operation is located at the Port of Catoosa on the Kerr McClellan waterway with access to the Mississippi River. Our 10 acre port site is located 12 miles east of our main plant in Tulsa with a specially designated transportation corridor connecting the two.

HSI’s port assembly operation is dedicated to assembly of normal sized shop fabricated equipment into the maximum size that can be handled by our customers at their job sites. By moving assembly operations from our customers’ plant turnaround locations to our assembly yard, we offer substantial project savings through reduced field manhours, relief of overcrowded job sites, and improved schedule reliability. Through MSA (Maximum Shop Assembly), customers have been able to save many times the cost of the work at our facility.

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Applying the innovative MSA concept, the greatest savings is often derived by reducing overall turnaround duration and increasing profitable unit uptime. We believe in the MSA approach to project management and you will too!

M.S.A. concept applied to fired heaters. These units were fully assembled in our port yard facility with coil, refractory and even platforms installed. The units were barged to a gulf coast refinery and simply set on foundations. Field scope was greatly reduced using the M.S.A. concept.

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Maximum Shop Assembly